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Our Project

Our project is about development to raise the standard of living of people.
We work in any country in East Africa focusing on Human needs: it will be a "motor" for the economy driving the country in the right direction for new generations.

Al Noor City Concept, a vision developed 20 years ago by H.E. Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen, was the origin of what we call today "Smart City".

A City is the place where a society will grow, where the future takes place, but the most important is the quality of life of its inhabitants.

That means we have to take care of any aspect of the city to make anyone comfortable and safe.


Education is what creates the Society:  often in the Western Society the model of the education is wrong and stressful and this will generate a stressed Society.

Medical is also an important issue for our comfort. There are too many unnecessary deaths in Africa. No one can call a country "developed" if there is no proper medical infrastructure.


Regarding safety, we consider more the feeling of being safe than a strong presence of security. For our projects one of our main concerns if to provide full security to our clients.


One of the most important problems in Africa today is the lack of planning in the developments. The ambition of creating something huge is positive and it is not always useful to look for inspiration from the “old countries” when Africa has a lot more to offer to today’s market.

Overview :

A good development has to have :


1 - A good understanding of the Human history
2 - To understand the right direction for future generations

3 - To plan and design the right products and concepts to be coherent with the right vision: eco-friendly, sustainable developments, modern infrastructures etc.  

When you have all these essential elements in hand your duty is to plan in the proper size and continue to insure its success.

Our project is to start a successful pilot project in Tanzania and Kenya to be considered has a sample for all Africa to turn from a growing economy into a modern civilization with the right outcome for future generations.

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