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East Africa Smart Development is a new company based in Tanzania.
The Goal of the company is to provide the region with Smart solutions in terms of Development to increase the quality of life of its inhabitants. Medical, Education and infrastructures will be our priority, Landmark projects to attract the eyes of the world will be our tool.
A top-noch team is currently working on a vision for Africa, starting from Tanzania and Kenya with the ambition of irrigating the whole continent with developements and prosperity. 
Our mission is to create a sample city to be duplicated all over Africa.

Our Vision

Economy is a complex subject, it is like a wheel which is turning around the world without any possibility to stop it or control it.

Europe & USA, called "Old Countries" are now facing a major economy crisis (depression) which is also affecting the social aspect.

Asia was the next booming economy with a population of 4.4 billion (60% of the world population).
Asia is the site of some of the world's longest modern economic booms, starting from the Japanese economic miracle (1950–1990), Miracle of the Han River (1961–1996) in South Korea and the economic boom (1978–2013) in China.

Today, Africa is booming since many years, countries are changing everyday and provrety is dicreasing.

East African countries are having an impressive growth of economy :
:: Tanzania : 7.1%
:: Kenya : 5.6 %
:: Uganda : 5%
:: Ethiopia : 9.6 %

Source (2015)

Click on the picture to download "The 7 pillars of development" 

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